Chapter Eighteen


Vengeance is mine, I will repay, saith the Lord. - Romans 12:19

Why should God have all the fun? - Tony Forza

The myth of eternal punishment not only serves to keep the gullible in line, it also pacifies them when they are wronged. There is no need for you to settle a score, God will take care of these people for you. What comes around, goes around, everyone gets their karmic reward in the end.


The belief in divine retribution or cosmic justice may mollify the masses, but when an innocent population accepts this lie, it also gives the bastards of the world the green light to scam, offend, and harm innocents with little fear of negative consequences. There is no true justice but that which we make ourselves.

The world is so full of petty slights and annoyances, seeking revenge for every offense or injury is impractical and counter-productive. Your blood pressure is best served by letting the insignificant transgressions slide, and attempting to understand the point of view of those who happen to offend. The practical result of allowing yourself to become obsessed and consumed with hatred over a petty slight equates to granting someone who hates you control over your life.

But not all offenses are easily forgettable. It is particularly painful when someone you trust or respect abuses your relationship to intentionally hurt you, or when someone in a position of power abuses that advantage for their own sadistic pleasure. This pain is multiplied when a loved one is the victim. In some extreme cases, you may find your sense of self worth and pride so injured, or your sense of loss so great, that you cannot bear the thought of the perpetrator moving on with his life unpunished. In other cases, the abuser will continue in his evil ways unchecked until someone finally takes a stand against him.

It is these times when it may be appropriate to take matters into your own hands to settle the score. When and how to revenge is a personal decision only you can make.

In the arena of vengeance, the weak and the powerless often find their lack of status to be, paradoxically, an exploitable advantage. Whereas the powerful may use the resources they control to directly harm those that they hate, their status and possessions also make them vulnerable to attack by others. The more you have, the more you have to lose.

When she finds herself wronged, an anonymous avenger may strike back from the shadows, without providing her enemy the ability to return the favor. This is best done months, or even years, after the initial offense. Should the mark learn the cause of her grief, she may strike back in kind, or may initiate legal proceedings or even violence. If she finds herself the victim of a series of catastrophes without ever learning the cause, she will spend considerable time worrying and looking over her shoulder, even after the active retribution has ended. If you are interested in specific tactics, a simple Google search on the topic will provide you with hours of reading enjoyment.

The seeking of vengeance should never be undertaken lightly, as the time and effort spent in seeking revenge is usually better spent on more constructive endeavors, such as creative projects, learning new skills and abilities, or simply enjoying or improving one’s own life. Also take into account that an ill-planned revenge scheme can backfire, which could serve to worsen the original harm. Though I strongly believe that no options should ever be taken off the table, great care should be taken before extreme options are exercised.

But so long as blood courses through your veins, never believe the lie that you are powerless. You have more power than most people can possibly imagine, once you unleash the full potential of your natural intelligence and creativity.

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