Chapter Twenty-Two


When will they awaken to the truth? When will they finally have enough and spit on their masters? When will they rise up with one voice and say NO!? The answer my friends, is never. - Patrick K. Martin

It is easy to drift through life in a daze. We are programmed from birth to be obedient citizens and consumers, and can easily spend our days and nights working, spending, consuming, sleeping, and little more. Time spent working a structured job for the benefit of a large company is not properly considered living, nor is sitting on a couch mindlessly consuming corporate entertainment.

Think of the people you know. How many of them are original or unique, and how many are just playing a role, going through the motions? Consider the opinions people express, including the ones which pass your own lips. Where did these opinions come from? How many stem from the original thought of the speaker, and how many are merely repetitions of what we have heard others say, and what we think others want to hear?

Mindless conformity is the norm. Whether one conforms to the ideals of the so-called mainstream, or instead adopts the clothing and mentality of a punk or alternative group, she is still simply imitating, her mind endlessly cycling through meaningless repetitions of frozen thought patterns.

Life can be so much more to the person who shatters the mold. Wake up and stay awake, see the world as freshly and clearly as you can. Understand the games people play, instead of allowing them to push your buttons and yank your chain. Pay attention to your interactions with others, notice who is thinking robotically, and who is awake and alive. Feel the greed, the fear, the hate, and the lust of other people as their programming dictates their thoughts, acts and words.

Take the time to reflect on your life, your dreams, and your goals. Will the life you are living truly make you happy and satisfied? Or are you just playing a part, living up to the expectations of others? Does your life really turn you on, or are you just treading water until you finally drown? Is this really what you want?

Daily life, for the masses, is banal and unimaginative. We spend our time and creative energy working jobs and running businesses we hate, for bosses, clients and customers we often dislike. Our daily interactions are scripted, calculated, and stripped of original thought and human emotion. Is there any true difference between conversing with a sales rep regurgitating her memorized pitch and stock replies, and interacting with a machine? Does it really make us feel special to be attended to by someone eking out a paycheck? To have the employees of a restaurant sing us a birthday song?

Open your eyes and your mind, abandon your prejudices and preconceived notions, and see the world as clearly as possible. It is obvious that we act without thinking, drifting through the days and years on autopilot. Even worse, what appears to be autopilot is really submission to our indoctrination.

Perhaps someday the masses will rise from their knees, smash their chains and kill their masters. Or maybe they won't. Either way, why make your life and happiness dependent upon the actions of other people? Your future does not, and should not, depend upon the thoughts or beliefs of others. You have the choice, right here, right now, to wake up and see the world on your own terms, through your own eyes.

Our lives, minds and bodies, as temporary as they are, are all we have. The possibilities which life offers are limitless, once we break free from received opinions and frozen thought patterns. The world is your playground, it is insane to not enjoy it while you can.

If Mental Anarchy has touched you in any way, pass it on to someone. Share it, talk about it. The revolution will never arrive so long as the people remain in their trance, squandering their lives on consumer toys and docile livelihoods. Our masters have no power over us, other than that which we ourselves lend them. Take the power back.

Open your eyes, a new day is dawning.

This is your life.

What are you waiting for?

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