Chapter Six


During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act. - George Orwell

Imagine opening your eyes as the first self-aware human, physically evolved to be capable of great intellectual feats, yet still driven entirely by animal instinct. This idea should not be too difficult to grasp, as our animalistic urges to fight, flee, feed and fuck still dominate our waking hours, and are the driving force behind both our decisions and our ambitions.

One great difference between you and this early human is the accumulated knowledge of the past several thousand years which you have inherited. Without this luxury, you would have no concept of scientific methods, conscious strategies and intentional deceptions, not to mention combustion engines, air travel and computer technology.

Another difference between you and the first humans is the dubious privilege of sharing your planet with a class of people who have learned to manipulate the minds and emotions of others. The smiling politician, the eager-to-please salesperson, and the holier-than-thou religious leader all have one thing in common: they have all learned to play on your instincts and needs, in order to satisfy their own.

Have you ever felt awe-struck upon entering a church or other house of worship? Felt humbled and awed by the sight of a judge, as he peered down at you from his tall oak bench? These emotions were manufactured in you by skilled deceivers. The desire to seek and obey authority has been evolved into you by thousands of ancestors, whose lives depended upon obedience to the leader, and reliance on the herd.

It is no coincidence that politicians will publicly appear with clergy members, or that con artists will make shameless references to the divine as they fleece their prey. So long as the masses subconsciously associate God with good, the unscrupulous will use this connection to their material advantage.

The question for you is, will you spend the rest of your days as one of the flock, or will you stand tall and reject these subtle efforts to control your mind? Do you prefer freedom to servitude, liberation to domination? Breaking the grip of the deceiver class is a lonely and sometimes painful act, a journey that no man or woman can make as a follower.

If you are seeking a new set of dogma to follow, look elsewhere, for I will give you nothing new to believe in. I offer you nothing but the hammer to smash your chains. Whether you decide to use it, and where you go from that point, is up to you.

Only by understanding, and rejecting, their game can you rob the deceiver class of its stolen power, and reclaim that power for yourself. Past generations had no choice. Unless born into power (and thus taught to dominate others), or unless part of a petty-deceiver underclass, they accepted their lot as followers, or risked punishment for their heresy. You, however, have the choice: surrender your life to the deceivers, or free yourself and explore the infinite possibilities which await you.

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