Chapter Seven


The tragedy of modern war is that the young men die fighting each other--instead of their real enemies back home in the capitals. - Edward Abbey

One of the more blatant, yet effective, tools used by the deceiver class is manipulation of the herd animal instinct. Our ancestors, both four-legged and two-legged, typically had to band together to survive. Those who lacked this instinct often failed to pass their maverick genes on to future generations.

Now that global civilization has replaced the local tribe, the herd instinct is no longer a necessity for individuals to survive. Indeed, it is now a liability by which individuals may be manipulated and controlled. An intelligent individual with an awakened mind has no need for the herd, although the herd (or more specifically, its leaders) has a strong need to keep its members in check.

Most of the modern herd’s members are oblivious to the influence of this instinct, although they do follow its call through fashion, pop culture, professional and collegiate sports, religion, etc. But when it comes to self-sacrifice modern humans rarely feel its pull, if left to their own devices. Absent a common enemy to rally against, people tend to look after their own interests, and assume their neighbors are capable of fending for themselves.

In times of peace and prosperity, calls to sacrifice for the “common good” are not typically well received. But in times of war, calls to band together against a hostile alien force are not only met with enthusiasm, those who ignore or remain indifferent are branded as traitors, cowards, or worse.

Once our fear circuitry is activated, rational thought is bypassed, and more primitive thought processes take control. An otherwise rational person may suddenly feel threatened by those who speak, look, and act differently from those of his own tribe, whether or not any realistic threat exists.

History provides a plethora of examples, yet we need look no further than the current headlines to see this principle in action. Stunned by a terrorist attack on their own land, the people of the United States were easily conned into going to war against a small time thug dictator in Iraq. Even after all of the stated reasons for the war have been proven false, the American people were still treated to impassioned speeches about our braves troops sacrificing themselves for our freedom.

The rabid and irrational anti-immigrant rhetoric screamed in some parts of the US provides another excellent example. While wealthy corporations brutally rape the economic landscape and working class of the country, blame for economic problems is thrown at migrant laborers who are under-compensated for thankless, back breaking labor. Thus, the masses are given an innocent scapegoat who look, talk and act differently than they do, while the guilty authority figures and their media marionettes perpetrate their frauds with impunity.

I heard my share of illogical rhetoric during my years in the USMC, during which I participated in round one of the United States’ Gulf Wars, commonly known as Desert Shield and Desert Storm. From my experience, the governments of Kuwait and Saudi Arabia do not even comprehend the concept of human rights or civil liberties, yet I was repeatedly told that we were defending “freedom.”

What freedom could that be? The freedom of an emir to reclaim his land, which was recently reclaimed by a thug dictator? Although this was the result, this was obviously not the concern. The reality is that the herd instinct of the mainstream United States had been hijacked, and used to serve powerful political and business interests.

We do not live in innocent times, and it is unlikely humanity will ever return to innocence. As an individual, unless you make a conscious choice to understand how your own instincts and ingrained tendencies are used against you, you will likely spend your life in servitude to causes designed to benefit the deceiver class. These causes will come in packages that resonate with all you have been taught is good, but are not what they seem.

One who values his life, and respects himself, cannot consciously sacrifice himself for the benefit of con men and liars. Have you ever wondered why those who call on you to sacrifice yourself for their benefit do not instead sacrifice themselves for your benefit?

So long as the masses of people respond to the lies and manipulations of the deceiver class, these lies and manipulations will be used to the detriment of the masses. This is a given. But even while the masses sleep, each individual still has the opportunity to free his own mind from deception and external control.

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