Chapter Eight


That's not a lie, it's a terminological inexactitude. Also, a tactical misrepresentation. - Alexander Haig

People love to be lied to. Whether the issue is attractiveness, intelligence, competence, the devotion of lovers, or the fate of our consciousness after death, few people prefer caustic truth to pleasant lies.

No human being has access to all of the secrets of the universe, and no one really knows how vast and extensive the universe really is. Those who are both sensible and honest will admit these facts, but in doing so, lose the ability to control the throngs of gullible followers available to a skilled deceiver.

One of the smartest men I had the privilege of meeting was a physical science professor, who openly acknowledged that he could not provide any certain answers to the majority of questions he was posed. He could explain what the top thinkers in the field had published, and offer his own opinion as to what he considered the most likely explanations. But he was intelligent, and honest, enough to freely admit that what we believe today may be proven incorrect in the future. The history of science is one of constant discovery, and the disproving of prior beliefs is often a tremendous leap forward. So long as we remain slaves to false beliefs, new truths will forever remain elusive.

Although this honesty and wisdom impressed me, it will not fill stadiums with screaming followers. My professor, of course, was not seeking followers. His goal was to open the minds of his students, not to create a new generation of slaves.

Unfortunately, the goal of most, if not all, politicians, preachers, clergy, and many other so-called leaders and gurus is to create new generations of slaves. In order to create followers, they tell people what they want to hear: they have the answers, and if we would only believe what they tell us to believe, and do what we are told, we will be richly rewarded at some point in the future. Whether this future is here on earth, or in the afterlife, will be determined by the nature of their scam.

Since I do not seek followers, I have no problem with the truth. I do not have all of the answers, and neither does anyone else. Period. You are free to accept this fact, or to live your life in servitude to lies and deceptions, in exchange for the false comfort of sham promises. The choice is yours.

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