Index of Mental Anarchy

Everything we experience in life is colored by our thoughts, feelings, and perspectives. If these thoughts and perspectives are under external control, then we are under external control. Mental Anarchy is the exploration of our world, and our minds, without regard for what we have been taught to think and believe. There is no authority, other than the authority of your own mind.

Chapter One: Santa Claus Is Evil
How would you convince an intelligent, free-thinking, well-adjusted adult that an all-powerful God is reading her thoughts, watching her every move? By indoctrinating her as a very young child with the belief that Santa Claus is always watching, and always judging her. This seemingly harmless belief lays the foundation for infantile minds to uncritically accept far more sinister lies in the not too distant future.

Chapter Two: The Idiocy Of Faith
The acceptance of an idea on “faith” equates to the surrender of that portion of your brain which separates honesty from lies, understanding from deception, truth from fantasy. Faith is the primary enemy of clear thinking and mental freedom.

Chapter Three: The Fallibility Of Authority
So-called authority figures are fallible, and do not have the answers you seek. The temptation to have life’s mysteries effortlessly solved for us is strong, and those who reject one belief system often go shopping for another. Those who seek truth will not find it by picking and choosing among pre-packaged systems and authorities.

Chapter Four: A Brief Look Into Our Past
If we are to break free of external control, we must consciously analyze and understand our own internal processes. In order to begin this study, we must first examine the structure of our brains, and the physical evolution which led to this structure. The human brain actually consists of three separate brains: the reptilian brain, the old mammalian brain, and the cerebral cortex. Each of these brains slowly evolved over vast periods of time, and each is manipulated and used by the deceiver class.

Chapter Five: Why The Hell Did I Do That?
Have you ever wondered why seemingly intelligent people persist in self-destructive, irrational behaviors like smoking cigarettes, drinking and driving, and road rage? Although we like to believe we are in conscious control of our destinies, a vast amount of our decision making takes place far beneath the surface of our conscious mind. But you do not have to be who you are now, you can choose to be something different. Something radically different, if you wish.

Chapter Six: The Deceiver Class
Have you ever felt awe-struck upon entering a church or other house of worship? Felt humbled and awed by the sight of a judge, as he peered down at you from behind his tall oak bench? These emotions were manufactured in you by skilled deceivers. The desire to seek and obey authority has been evolved into you by thousands of ancestors, whose lives depended upon obedience to the leader, and reliance on the herd. Only by understanding, and rejecting, their game can you rob the deceiver class of its stolen power, and reclaim that power for yourself.

Chapter Seven: I Pledge Allegiance, To My Self
Human beings possess a “herd instinct” which is often manipulated and used against them. One who values his life, and respects himself, cannot consciously sacrifice himself for the benefit of con men and liars. Have you ever wondered why those who call on you to sacrifice yourself for their benefit do not instead sacrifice themselves for your benefit? Pledging allegiance to any external group is for suckers. Pledge allegiance to your self.

Chapter Eight: Tell Me Lies
People love to be lied to. Whether the issue is our attractiveness, our intelligence, our competence, the devotion of our lovers, or the fate of our consciousness after our deaths, few people prefer caustic truth to pleasant lies. People desperately want to believe that their authority figures have the answers, but sadly, they do not. You are free to accept this fact, or to live your life in servitude to lies and deceptions, in exchange for the false comfort of sham promises.

Chapter Nine: God Is A Terrorist
It is no secret that many of humanity's greatest atrocities have been committed in the name of God. Why would some of God's children and faithful followers think it would be pleasing to God if they kill his other sons and daughters? Maybe they are just following his example? Possibly the most shocking of these many incidents (and there are many) was the terrorist slaughter of all of Egypt's first born sons. If the Bible is to be believed, the God of the Old Testament masterminded and orchestrated some of the worst acts of terrorism ever.

Chapter Ten: Loyalty Is For Dogs
Beware of anyone who accuses you are being disloyal, or who attempts to persuade you that your loyalties are misplaced. I am not arguing against all loyalties, as loyalty to a faithful friend, spouse, family member, lover, animal, and yourself is a wonderful and admirable quality. But in other contexts, the concept of loyalty is a tool used for manipulation and control. Just like the concepts of duty, patriotism, honor, and responsibility, the concept of loyalty has also been hijacked and bastardized by the deceiver class.

Chapter Eleven: Consumer Hell
“Modern” society in industrialized nations has largely become a consumerist treadmill. People work long hours at unsatisfying jobs they would rather not perform, and then spend much of their earnings on unfulfilling consumer crap they truly do not need. The first step to achieving freedom is to step off the treadmill.

Chapter Twelve: A Copy Of A Copy Of A Copy....
If all of your time and consciousness is spent either performing rote activities, or passively absorbing mass produced artificial experiences, there is not much left of you. In a sense, the person who spends his life thinking others thoughts and fulfilling others' expectations doesn't really exist as an individual. He is just another manufactured human, a copy of a copy, playing a role which someone else has written.

Chapter Thirteen: Screw The Rules
Rules always favor their authors. It necessarily follows that if you are playing by rules not authored by you, you are playing by rules designed for the benefit of someone else. The world is not fair, and the playing field is not level. There is no equal distribution of resources, and the rewards are not handed out based upon merit. Our current system (indeed, all systems the power elite of any nation have ever devised) are designed to benefit the few over the many, and are specifically designed to exploit those with no options, so that those holding the cards may be further enriched. Those who have the gold, make the rules. So screw the rules.

Chapter Fourteen: Freedom From Delusion
The first step to purging delusions is the realization that many of our current beliefs may be (and probably are) wrong. Anyone who has ever had first-hand knowledge of an event which received significant news coverage probably knows that the reporting of events which happened yesterday is usually filled with errors. Why would we believe that “miraculous” events were accurately passed down from generation to generation, prior to being recorded in a book designed to attract and control followers? The greatest enemy to intellectual growth and the acquisition of new knowledge is the belief that we already know everything. All beliefs should be held tentatively, and must be subject to revision as new knowledge, insights and context become available.

Chapter Fifteen: Obsession And Addiction
You don't have to be an advocate of abstinence or self-denial to recognize that many harmful addictions and obsessions are encouraged by others, to our detriment and to their enrichment. I have never met a long term smoker or meth user who is glad he started, or who doesn't wish he were able to quit. The time and effort spent learning to control your own mental processes can pay great dividends in the future, as it may allow future thought and effort to be spent improving your well being and happiness, rather than serving to mindless addictions or self-destructive thought patterns.

Chapter Sixteen: Scams And Frauds
Entire industries have sprung up to exploit the desire of working class people to escape economic servitude through pyramid schemes, multi-level marketing scams, and a variety of other get-rich-quick ripoffs. Deceivers come in many shapes and forms, and constantly devise new ways to manipulate the human psyche to their advantage. Whether they be scheming politicians, amoral Madison Avenue types, religious charlatans, or fake business cheats, there is no shortage of people seeking to control your mind to their advantage.

Chapter Seventeen: Eat, Drink and Fornicate
Human life is frighteningly short, and notorious for premature expiration. The world is full of opportunities for physical, psychological, and emotional gratification, all yours for the taking. Indulge your senses, feel the excitement, grab some thrills. Immerse yourself in life, let the adrenaline pound through your veins and blow your mind. You will be dead soon enough, there is no sense acting dead while your heart is still pumping.

Chapter Eighteen: Vengeance
The myth of eternal punishment not only serves to keep the gullible in line, it also pacifies them when they are wronged. The belief in divine retribution or cosmic justice may mollify the masses, but it also gives the bastards of the world the green light to scam, offend, and harm innocents with little fear of negative consequences. here is no true justice but that which we make ourselves.

Chapter Nineteen: The Guerrilla Mentality
The power elite control the media, the courts, the legislatures, the politicians, the soldiers, the police, the cruise missiles, the long range bombers, the fighter jets, and the ships of war. They also control the minds of the masses, who have been convinced the use of force is legitimate only when perpetrated by government agencies. But every system ever devised has weak points, and every tactic has a counter tactic. If you are to truly liberate your mind from its conditioning, you must understand the nature of the tactics used to keep you humble. Study the methods of those who oppress you, seek out their weaknesses. Look for any angle which may be exploited. Devise strategies to shift the advantages to your favor.

Chapter Twenty: Godless Morality
One of the greatest deceptions inflicted on humanity is the assertion that without laws and moral standards imposed by a “higher power,” human society would have no basis for prohibiting murder, rape, armed robbery, or other transgressions. Nonsense. An action is moral if it contributes to an individual's present and future happiness, and does not harm those who are not deserving of harm. Be kind and loyal to those who deserve it, and be true to yourself. Don't allow the deceivers to control you with seductive lies, false promises, empty threats or silly platitudes.

Chapter Twenty-One: The Deceiver's Toolbox
Learning the tactics of the deceivers is essential for those who wish to avoid falling for their shams. A variety of tactics are used by sophists, but a common technique most share is gaining the mark's trust by word selection, paraphrasing principles the mark has already been conditioned to believe, and using nonverbal gestures, expressions, and postures which have been proven to subconsciously create trust and acceptance. A number of specific fallacies have been identified over the centuries, yet are still used with great effectiveness in both macro and micro manipulations.

Chapter Twenty-Two: Wake Up
We are programmed from birth to be obedient citizens and consumers, and can easily spend our days and nights working, spending, consuming, sleeping, and little more. Time spent working a structured job for the benefit of a large company is not properly considered living, nor is sitting on a couch mindlessly consuming corporate entertainment. Our lives, minds and bodies, as temporary as they are, are all we have. The possibilities which life offers are limitless, once we break free from received opinions and frozen thought patterns. The world is your playground, it is insane to not enjoy it while you can.

enter mental anarchy

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