Free Your Mind

Your experience of life begins and ends in your mind. Begins, as everything you see, feel, and experience will be colored by your thoughts, feelings, and perspectives. Ends, as your interpretation of events will determine your response, your memories, and your enjoyment or displeasure.

How much of this process is truly yours, and how much has been predetermined for you? Do you live life on your own terms, or have you been programmed to follow the herd? Think about how your last twenty-four hours was spent. Then think about the month, the year, and the decade that preceded you reading this paragraph. How much of it was spent thinking and doing that which is truly important to you? How much of it was stolen, or merely frittered away? Ever wondered if there was another way?

There is another way, but you won't find it by entering a church, watching a ball game, reading the newspaper or haunting a shopping mall. Your mind has abilities it has never imagined, and has accepted limitations it would be well served to reject. Myriad influences have taught you to live in submission, often in ways you do not consciously realize. You are free to reject these limitations, but only if you awaken to your predicament.

There is no freedom in submission, no dignity in obedience, no self-respect in servitude. The much-maligned concept of anarchy is not only inherent to individual freedom, true mental freedom is impossible without it. The demand for submission to external authorities which so many take for granted, including the all-too-common belief that external control of our minds and lives is good or even necessary, is one of history's greatest cons. Some have even been deceived into believing that even the anarchist movement has leaders to which anarchists must submit. Nonsense.

Although great value may be gained from their words, a person does not have to read and agree with Kropotkin, Goldman or Bakunin to be an anarchist. The phrase "anarchist leaders" is not only an oxymoron, it is an abomination. Nor are most anarchists bomb throwing arsonists. Most anarchists are simply self-aware humans who have outgrown and abandoned the need for others to tell them what to think and how to live.

The following chapters will explore how and why external forces have gained the ability to assume control of our minds, and how we may undermine and destroy their ability to control us. Each chapter creates a synergy with the other chapters, the whole of which is much greater than any of its parts.

Mental Anarchy is a mental adventure, a one-way journey to the previously unimaginable. Enjoy the ride.

chapter one

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