Fear, ignorance, superstition, and a willingness to submit to “authorities” are still prevalent in our world, despite a dramatic rise in literacy and technical savvy over the past several centuries. Seemingly intelligent modern humans continue to permit profoundly dishonest clergy, politicians, advertisers, and other professional deceivers to control their minds and lives.

Have you ever sensed that our "leaders" and "authorities" are no better than the masses who prostrate themselves in submission? No better than YOU? Have you ever wondered why it is right to do as you are told, yet wrong to trust your own mind? Why you are supposed to comply with the whims of the elite, yet they are not obligated to bend to yours?

Modern humans are so conditioned to look outside themselves for guidance, even those who abandon the mainstream often become mere followers of a different drummer. We cannot change the world, much less ourselves, through obedience to a different master. Human beings tend to protect and cling to their illusions, like desperate, battered lovers afraid to lose the security of a seductive abuser. The loss of a delusion is terrifying, the realization one has dedicated his life to bullshit infuriating. Is it worth the pain to find out for yourself what lies outside your own personal bubble?

Mental Anarchy is the exploration of our world, and our minds, without regard for what we have been taught to think and believe. There is no need to buy into any specific dogma or viewpoint, other than the fundamental truth that every human being is free to think for herself, and decide her own destiny.

Mental Anarchy does not merely question authority. It hacks authority to pieces, then tosses its bloody remains from a cliff. There is no authority, other than the authority of your own mind.

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